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A Riveting Journey Through India's Political Turbulence

Embark on a profound journey back in time with Kumar Kinshuk's 'The Indian Emergency,' where the echoes of the past meet the pulse of narrative brilliance. Witness the interplay of power, resistance, and survival in an era that reshaped India.

Book cover of The Indian Emergency
Cover of The Indian Emergency Book
Book Cover - The Indian Emergency Novel

What's Inside the Book

Embark on a profound journey back in time with "The Indian Emergency" by Kumar Kinshuk, where the echoes of the past resonate with the pulse of narrative brilliance. This historical fiction novel isn't just a recounting of events; it's an immersive exploration into the heart of a nation undergoing one of its most testing times.


Set against the backdrop of the Indian Emergency, a period that stands as a testament to the interplay of power, resistance, and survival, this book weaves a compelling tapestry of lives caught in the whirlwind of political upheaval. Kinshuk masterfully crafts a narrative that transcends mere historical recounting, inviting readers to witness the era through the eyes of characters who embody the era's complex human experience.


Through the pages of "The Indian Emergency," you'll navigate the tumultuous waters of a country in crisis, exploring the intricate dance of individual aspirations against the grandiose backdrop of national turmoil. Kinshuk's characters are not mere figments of imagination but echoes of real voices that lived, breathed, and navigated the murky waters of those times. They are the unsung bearers of stories untold, the faces of a narrative that is as much about resilience as it is about vulnerability.


As you delve deeper, you'll find yourself enveloped in a narrative that captures the essence of the Emergency—its stifling constraints, its silent battles, and the indomitable human spirit that refused to be quenched. The book offers a panoramic view of an era marked by an intense struggle for democracy, viewed through the prism of personal stories that paint a vivid picture of a defining moment in India's history.


"The Indian Emergency" is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, a chronicle of the undying hope that perseveres even in the darkest of times. Kinshuk's storytelling doesn't just recount; it revives the era, offering a narrative that is as educative as it is enthralling.


Prepare to be transported, to live through the Emergency not as a distant observer but as an active participant, feeling the pulse of an era that reshaped the contours of a nation. This is not just a book; it's a journey, one that promises to leave you with a deeper understanding of a pivotal chapter in India's history, experienced through the lens of those who lived it.


Author Kumar Kinshuk
Mockup of the novel The Indian Emergency

Author Kiran Manral, Bariatu Tales

A compilation of anecdotes and vignettes from growing up in the 1970s, Kumar Kinshuk weaves together a nostalgic trip that must be savoured piece by piece. 
Kumar Kinshuk

Kumar Kinshuk

Kumar Kinshuk, a renowned Indian author, captivates readers with his compelling narratives and intricate character portrayals. His acclaimed "The Kanke Killings" series, featuring titles like "Ritualistic Murder" and "Two Indian Girls," masterfully blends mystery and suspense.

Kinshuk, an alumnus of T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal, brings over two decades of expertise in marketing and sales to his writing. Beyond literature, he expresses his artistic flair through photography and Urdu poetry, while his kitchen garden reflects his passion for nature.

Based in Kolkata, Kinshuk's community involvement enriches his storytelling, evident in his latest work, "The Indian Emergency," a poignant exploration of personal struggles amid historical events.

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