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From the Bestselling Author of Ritualistic Murder & Two Indian Girls. 4th book in The Kanke Killings Series. Read it after reading Ritualistic Murder, Two Indian Girls and Fatal Belief.

A Genius Serial Killer is on the loose. Can Police Inspector Rajiv use his deductive skills to beat the genius killer in his game? Can Inspector Rajiv live up to his name as the best in his business? Read more...

You saw the killer getting arrested by the law enforcement for multiple murders case that had an entire city in a tizzy over months. There was an eerie silence in the city and while people went about their business, an identical murder shook the tranquil town. The killer’s m.o. was the same. If they had arraigned the killer, this murder could not have taken place.

Rajiv had recently taken over the Ranchi Crime Branch from Vishal. While he was struggling to fix crimes linked to phishing and vishing, this one was a comeback crime, and it demanded his maximum attention. Rajiv had to apply all his analytical powers to get under the skin of the killer. The killer was a prodigy who had placed the law enforcement agencies in an awful light.

Amrita was back in Ranchi to help Khushbu’s parents with their medical issues. Can she continue her long-distance love with Rajiv? Can Amrita protect Khushbu’s parents and atone for not being able to protect Khushbu from her murderers in Two Indian Girls? Will Eva create her world with Raman? Will she get united with her foster family?

Will Rajiv ever solve this Kanke killings mystery? Does he have it in him? Does he employ methods other than what Vishal employed last time over, in Fatal Belief? Can Rajiv stop the murder in the daybreak?

Buy it only if you like Alex Michaelides, Gillian Flynn, and Novoneel Chakraborty!

Pick up this incredible mystery novel for an edge of the seat experience!


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