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Will Rajnish, a 5-year-old dreamy-eyed kid, survive a multi-pronged attack by a fearsome hyena, a lurking ghost, a beautiful witch, and an unlawful theft?


Can Rajnish deal with the story of his father facing a cobra guarding a viper’s stone, a naagmani?


Will Rajnish become a renowned batter and play for India?


Read more about Rajnish and his exploits, and about the stories he creates, or about the stories he grew up listening to. It is an enchanting tale of his life and times, set in Bariatu Housing Colony, a small colony in the late 1970s Ranchi. It has all the thrills of a small-town boy who lived in a joint family, and who led a different kind of life from the one led by millennial kids today.


Learn about the wonderful life of a 1970s kid who had a couple of 10-year-olds and a couple of 1-year-olds for company while growing up and how that shaped his views about the family and society at large. Recount your own days as a kid during the 70s and 80s, and relive those happy times again!


A Review by Author Kiran Manral: "A compilation of anecdotes and vignettes from growing up in the 1970s, Kumar Kinshuk weaves together a nostalgic trip that must be savoured piece by piece. A harkening to a gentler time when television and the internet had not yet become the mainstay to fend off boredom, 70s children would definitely identify and enjoy these charming reminiscences, universal as they are to that day and age."


A Review by Author Nupur Luthra: "Author Kinshuk has a different yet unique way of narrating his story. The story does remind you of your own childhood. A must read to reminisce your past, and get entertained!"

Bariatu Tales

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