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An updated 2nd edition of the novel using the genuine feedback of multiple readers. A National Bestseller.


Read it after reading Ritualistic Murder - A National Bestseller.


Two girls. One crime. A battle for truth ... and survival.


Khushbu and Amrita are best friends forever. Khushbu is a simple girl, while Amrita is an upwardly mobile corporate marketing whiz-kid from Mumbai.

Khushbu gets engaged. She is welcomed at her in-laws' house post wedding but something terrible happens. Khushbu doesn't get to live her vow, 'Till Death Do Us Part.'

What happened to Khushbu?


Famous Inspector Rajiv is on the case. Rajiv faces a dilemma. Can Amrita get under Rajiv's skin and get him to find out what really happened to Khushbu?


Dive into the depths of an Indian mystery and peel off many captivating layers to uncover the villains of this page-turning read.

Two Indian Girls

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹200.00Sale Price

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