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Dive into the Heart of Mystery and Suspense! Uncover the Bestseller That Will Keep You Guessing Till the End!


Are you ready for a pulse-pounding journey through the shadows of crime and passion? Introducing a gripping masterpiece that blends the intensity of a thriller with the allure of a mystery. This is not just a book; it's an immersive experience that will leave you craving for more!


"Ritualistic Murder: Unraveling Desires, Secrets, and a Ruthless Crime"

Step into the enigmatic world of Detective Rajiv, a brilliant mind and an unwavering spirit, determined to crack the case that will define his career. Set against the backdrop of Bangalore, the bustling IT hub, and Ranchi, this novel weaves a web of intrigue, deceit, and unexpected twists.


Join the Ranks of Avid Readers and Mystery Enthusiasts

From the bestseller novels' vault emerges a true gem—a tale that delves deep into the lives of three inseparable friends, an alluring fiancé, and a shocking crime that shatters their world. Inspector Rajiv embarks on a perilous journey, facing threats and obstacles as he delves into the heart of this dark and noir mystery.


Thrills That Keep You Turning the Pages!

With its magnetic blend of suspense and emotion, "Ritualistic Murder" stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of "The Guest List" and "The Thursday Murder Club." This Indian author's masterpiece grips you from the very first page and doesn't let go until the narrator unveils the shocking truth. Be ready for 1st person point of view in this novel.


🌟 Key Features of "Ritualistic Murder" 🌟


✨ A mesmerizing love triangle.

✨ A soon-to-be-married couple's fateful journey.

✨ A chilling noir crime that defies explanation.

✨ A relentless detective navigating a labyrinth of suspects.

✨ An exploration of passion, desire, and power.

Ritualistic Murder

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹200.00Sale Price

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