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About Me

Welcome to my corner of the world. I am Kumar Kinshuk, a writer whose stories span mysteries, thrillers, and historical tales. I craft stories that explore the deep and varied emotions of strong characters. I have studied business management and have evolved from being a marketer and salesman to a business person and an author.

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My Work

My books include the intense "The Kanke Killings" series with titles like "Ritualistic Murder," "Two Indian Girls," "Fatal Belief," and "Daybreak," which dive into the dark echelons of our society and study the criminal minds. My romantic suspense thriller "Darling, You're Obsessed," and the novella "Bariatu Tales: A Ghost and Thief Novella" keep readers on the edge of their seats. My latest book, "The Indian Emergency," revisits one of India’s most challenging and poignant times. It is a social story full of struggle and endurance.


Besides writing, I enjoy photography and Shayari (Urdu poetry), as it allows me to explore my artistic vistas. I stay in the city of joy, Kolkata, and I draw inspiration from the city’s rich culture and the lively streets around me.

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If you’re interested in deeper storytelling conversations, I’m available for interviews, guest lectures, or discussions on crafting stories. Whether it’s an event, a curious group, or a class, let’s make it memorable with rich discussions about the art of storytelling.

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